Performance by Just Another Prophecy

Stage design

Boulevard Theater Festival s'Hertongenbosch 3-13 August 2017

The stage is a temple with old school digital aesthetics. It brings the spectator back to classical ancient Rome but set in an atmosphere of early video games. By using blacklight and a grid, the dancers create new optical compositions during their performance.



performance by Astrit Ismaili

stage design

DAS Arts Theatre Amsterdam

For this performance, Laura A Dima organized different the stage areas that were needed for this show. The technical booth is a central object. Changing clothes and jumping into the next scene in front of the audience was an important part of the performance’s concept, so that was incorporated into the stage design. The audience was asked to move several times for new settings.


Bird Cage

installation with plexiglass, white canaries, white stones

Exhibition design for Karim Adduchi's fashion collection "She Knows Why The Caged Bird Sings"

WOW Amsterdam