This project originated as a material experiment in 2014, exploring the themes of decay, destruction, and transformation. It draws parallels with the cyclical processes found in nature and the notion that creation often requires the destruction of something else. Black, often considered as "no colour," can evoke intense feelings. The artist deconstructed the colour black to reveal its constituent colours, using various techniques and chemicals such as discolouration (similar to bleach). This process gave birth to a palette of colours, forming layers that reveal landscapes open to interpretation and dreams.

The artwork titled "Clouds" is a composition of 14 rectangular pieces of black cotton stitched together with thread. The upper pieces of the artwork are the lightest, resulting from prolonged exposure to heat and discolouration of the cotton. The artist's experimentation with various techniques and chemicals has created a captivating interplay of colours and textures, inspiring the audience to explore and interpret.

Black cotton, discolouration chemicals, cotton thread, textile thickener
215 x 97 cm