work in progress

A new exploration of touch that continues the previous works of Laura A Dima, such as The Finger Rub Rug where the viewer was passively interacting with the artwork, to Future Affair where the viewer becomes an active participant, but only one-way and one type of touch.

This two-way interactive touch experience creates an opportunity for the participants to both touch each other at the same time and in multiple interactive ways, such as poking, slapping, blowing air or hugging.

At this moment, we are developing the first prototypes of the control pods for the two participants involved: two hand-held creatures who, when given consent, come to life. When you start touching them you can feel their warmth, heartbeat and breathing pattern.

Installation with 2 handheld tactile sculptures
Silicone, Arduino, LED's, tubes, heating wires, pnematics
approx. 30 cm diameter
2022 - work in progress

  • Programming: Patricia Nagtzaam

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