The consent pods are two sculptures that can be handheld, to inspire people to think of touch and consent. By having the artworks between two participants, touch between them is mediated through a device giving people the possibility to be playful without being held back by (cultural) taboos.

Switching the silicone thumb on a sculpture indicates ‘consent’ to the other participant. The colour of the pod gets brighter, and touch triggers a heartbeat, warmth and breath so one participant is encouraged to communicate through touch with the other participant. But beware: if your partner stops giving consent, the sculpture turns red and a loud alarm will be ringing.


This work is part of a series: of explorations of touch that continue the previous works of Laura A Dima, such as The Finger Rub Rug where the viewer was passively interacting with the artwork, to Future Affair where the viewer becomes an active participant. This two-way interactive touch experience creates an opportunity for the participants to both touch each other at the same time and in multiple interactive ways.

Installation with 2 handheld tactile sculptures
Silicone, ceramics, Arduino, LED’s, tubes, heating wires, pneumatics, haptic speaker, amplifier, Max, MacBook, wooden box with wheels, cables, mesh
Size pods: approx. 30 cm diameter x 8 cm height. box: 42 x 42 x 31 cm + wheels 10 cm

This Art Fair, Amsterdam
  • Programming: Patricia Nagtzaam
  • Tech Assistance: Amy den Dekker

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  • 07.07.2022: This Art Fair until 10.07.2022
    • de Kromhouthal
    • Art Fair

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