What’s Inside Black? 3 started as a material experiment into the notions of decay, destruction and transformation. The artist wanted to imbue the piece with the cyclical processes of ecology and their movement through the dialectical forces of creation and destruction. The intensive material research involved the uses of discolouration produced by silkscreen printing chemicals on black cotton. Using a heat press, the artist extracted colours from the printed areas of the fabric and produced a photographic image of a nude female.

This self-portrait, only achieving a brief unity every few hours, raised questions of the self and the location of auto-poesis within the environment. The image soon distorted and was fragmented, disappearing as the banners kept turning. The image, split between the tryptic of revolving panels, collated into a unified whole only when the three slowly rotating banners were aligned. The unceasing movement tapped into elements entropy, flow and internalised difference. A further dimension to the installation was the tension engendered by the rawness of the chemicals in contradistinction to their symmetrical containment. The slowness of the cycle compelled the viewer herself to slow down and await contact with the figure trapped in the material.

Black cotton, wood, aluminium, rubber, arduino, stepper motors
270 cm x 204 cm x 20 cm

  • Programming: Hans Speijer
  • Wood Construction: Walter van Groningen

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