This work is based on intensive material research on discolouring the color black. The recognisable image is produced by silkscreen printing chemicals on black cotton, stripping the colour black layer by layer until a naked girl remains. This image can be seen only when the three slowly turning banners are in line; inspiring the visitor to take the time to look at the artwork and contemplate about the temporarily of things. At a glance, the panels seem to be still and abstract but if you pay attention you will notice the movement and a recognisable image wil come into existence.

The process involves silkscreen printing with discolouration/bleaching chemicals that react to heat. Using a heat press the artist managed to remove colours from the printed areas of the fabric and produce a photographic image of a girl. Just like we use the colour black to cover things up, clothes are used to cover our nudity and supposed shame. But this naked girl looks us straight in the eye: vulnerable but also perfectly innocent. The girl can only be seen once in a few hours, then her image distorts and disappears as the banners keep on turning.

Black cotton, wood, aluminium, rubber, arduino, stepper motors
270 cm x 204 cm x 20 cm

  • Programming: Hans Speijer
  • Wood Construction: Walter van Groningen

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  • 18.05.2019: Graukunst – Void until 07.06.2019
    • Neurotitan Gallery
    • group show

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