The installation consists of 5 black towers, representing various ministries. A coloured light shines inside each tower, symbolising 5 different qualities: Love, Beauty, Equality, Freedom and Fun. Actors play commissioners of an Utopian society. The towers are designed with sharp angles: wooden plates rest on each other without any screws or other conjunctions. The exterior opening is 1,50 m high so a guest entering the temple has to bow down: a forced act of respect. The interior opening, which leads to the center of the temple, is just 1 m high, so people have to be on their knees.
By going through the inner gate the visitor is pushed into the worship position. Here the guest will meet ‘The Oracle’, a character performed by me. The Oracle is quiet, and guides the guest into meditation after which applies make up on his or her face. Guests leave the temple marked as members of a new tribe. The encounter is very touching and intimate. Some people recalled having experienced deep emotions.

Installation, performance
Wood, IPads, coloured neon lights, foam, cup, make up, actors
5 towers of 300 x 180 cm each

Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam, Graduation Show
Photo by Fabian Landewee, Jimmy on the Run, Laura A Dima
  • This project was supported by Berlagefonds

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