Work in progress

MyFACE reflects on the use of biometric data and mass surveillance in our public spaces, concentrating on facial recognition. Researchers have demonstrated how easy it is to recognize and track people using real-time data from social media, and in this way, surveil us.

The project consists of a series of performances in public spaces where performers wear copies and derived versions of Laura A Dima’s face. They produce online content that algorithms of social media will recognize as the individual Laura A Dima, who, because of this, will be appearing at multiple places at one time. The goal is to create a glitch in the link between 'identity' and 'Big Tech / Big Data'.

MyFACE covers several areas: awareness of the danger of a surveillance state, discrimination through automated systems and research and exploration of our digital rights. It also raises other, more individual questions: how does one’s behaviour change if they are no longer accountable for their own identity, but instead, can use the appearance of somebody else?

The project MyFACE has several phases, and a few of them will be carried out in collaboration with the privacy movement Bits of Freedom. The first performance will be executed in the summer of 2022, where we will collect signatures for their campaign Reclaim Your Face.

(Click on the play icon on the bottom right side of the screen to see the launch video of the project and the making of the face mould as a recorded performance.)

Multi-media: sculpture, performance, video, photography,
silicone masks (silicone pigments, oil based clay), ceramics busts
various pieces
2020 - 2022 (work in progress)

Photo by Martin Draax/ Laura A Dima

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