MyFACE project started in 2020, when the artist made a mold of her face during an online event (Uptown Sloterdijk x ISO Amsterdam, streamed June 19 2020). The mold was made during a livestream performance, whereby she made a negative copy of her face with the help of four trained assistants (Click on the play icon on the bottom right side of the screen to see the launch video of the project and the making of the face mould as a recorded performance). In the accompanying interview, she explains the plan to use the copies during performances in public spaces.

She has cast a series of silicone face masks, which will be worn by other people as a prosthetic (see similar projects: myFACE, performance). The faces are exact replicas of her own face and alterations of it (as if it got plastic surgery face or it has been scarred) and are used in different phases of the project.

In her process, the artist experimented with different techniques for making silicone masks of her face, modifying the molds to make different variations (and seizes) and started experimenting with how far AI software (on an iPhone) will still recognize the modified face masks as “her” face. AI learns to recognize faces - and she is researching what happens with this system if you change your face by, for example, wearing different make-up. And what happens if the structure of the face changes by getting plastic surgery or if it’s owner was subject to an accident? What random shape can be added to the structure of the face in such a way, so that the software learns that it is an essential part of one’s appearance?

In these self-portraits (stills and animations) the artist seems to be ripping off her own face, while her actual face appears from underneath what turns out to be a mask. These portraits raise the question; to what extent are the physical features of a face a part of one’s identity? Is the mask a metaphor for the “civilised” behaviour we perform everyday in order to function in society?

MyFACE is a continuation and embodiment of the concerns of the artist’s practice. It reflects on the use of biometric data and mass surveillance in our public spaces, concentrating on facial recognition and probing at essential questions around subversive forms of intimacy and connection in an increasingly technocratic society. 

Photography, self-portraits with face masks
silicone masks (silicone pigments, oil based clay)
2020 - 2022


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