This work turns a studio in WOW Amsterdam into a sacred space. The windows are covered by a handmade map of the stars. It resembles the stained glass windows in gothic churches. Dima took the most detailed sky maps available by NASA as a guideline: all stars visible throughout the course of one year are in it. She punched a hole for every star by hand and so created a map of the stars. Applied to the glass of all windows of the studio, it inspires an audience to think about the concepts of time, infinity and the sacred. ‘Skymap’ is about the unknown, about human’s insignificance compared to a vast universe, and about ephemerality. It reflects our fascination with the stars since the beginnings of our existence. The work changed the dynamics of the people in the room - made it possible to see the night sky during daytime (sunlight shines through the holes), and during night the map shines it‘s light to the streets outside by the lights now switched on inside the studio.

Vinyl, sunlight
580 cm x 600 cm

WOW Amsterdam

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  • 13.05.2017: WOW Open AIR
    • WOW Amsterdam
    • group show

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