(WIP title)

This project is currently under development and explores mediated social touch through wearable devices and sculptures. Mediated social touch refers to the use of technology to simulate and facilitate physical touch between individuals who are physically separated.

The concept revolves around two remote individuals who can communicate and connect through haptic sculptures. These sculptures, serving as extensions of the body (as an extra organ or a pregnant belly) simulate the bodily parameters (heartbeat, breathing pattern and temperature) of the other person. The motivation behind this project is to inspire feelings of empathy and connectivity by merging two bodies as giving birth. In this way, people can feel each other in an intimate and safe setting without biases/prejudices. Furthermore, they will have options to explore tactile feedback from one wearable to the other by squeezing and touching the bellies.


Interactive sculpture
Silicone, foam, electronics, tubes

Photo by Levi Kramer
  • Programmer and tech assistance Nathan Marcus
  • sketch by Laura A Dima

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