This project started as a material experiment in 2014 and deals with the subject of decay, destruction and transformation. It relates to circular processes in nature and to the idea that to create something, something else needs to be destroyed. Black is seen as ‘no colour’, and is often experienced as ‘intense’. In order to create the black colour in printing and dying techniques, all colours need to be apparent. This might explain why it was once the most expensive colour to make. The artist used the fact that black has all colours in it by destructing it’s components in different ways, hence creating colour pallets in the process. By experimenting with various techniques and chemicals, such as discoloration (similar to bleach), she created layers and different colours.

People in the audience could turn wheels at the bottom of the panels and so create their own composition.

Interactive installation
Black cotton, wood, rubber
3 panels, 70 x 200 cm each

Grey Space in the Middle, The Hague
Photo by Laura A Dima
  • part of Grauzone Festival 2018

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