This performance is a social experiment for special occasions. The artist tries to bring people together by marking them with symbols and ritual make up. The people who have been ‘initiated’ carry those symbols to places outside the artistic safe haven of a gallery or museum. She marks a ‘sacred place’ with a big X and place my sculptures (cut pyramids sitting upside down). These sculptures are the furniture for the ritual. To secure an intimate encounter between artist and visitor only few people are allowed to enter the space at a time. While explaining how I draw inspiration from tribal practices from all over the world, I bring the visitor into a deep state of meditation. After the ritual is over, artist and visitor thank each other, and the newly initiated leaves to show the initiation to others and inspire them. By doing so, they potentially expand the tribe.

Handmade wooden objects, body paint, brushes

Huis Marseilles, The Grey Space In The Middle
Photo by Cloud Mine, Kasper Vogelzang
  • part of Museumnacht Amsterdam 2017
  • part of Grazone Festival 2018

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