This performance was a social experiment. To secure an intimate encounter between artist and participant, only two or three people were allowed to enter the space at a time. She started by marking a ‘sacred place’: a big X on the floor, then placed neo-pagan and ritualistic sculptures within the space. The artist marked the participants with various symbols and cyphers from a sculpted make-up station.

While describing her research into (and radical fusion of) myriad tribal practices and science fiction, the artist performer brought each participant into a deep state of meditation. The synthesis of tribal and otherworldly iconography induced visceral and affective reactions in many participants. After the ritual was over, the newly initiated left to spread the initiation, a dispersive chain of significations carried beyond the exclusivity of the gallery. In this way, the designs morphed through ever-changing contexts and environments, deconstructing the commodification of art objects into a form which was free of exchange value.

Handmade wooden objects, body paint, brushes

Huis Marseilles, The Grey Space In The Middle
Photo by Cloud Mine, Kasper Vogelzang
  • part of Museumnacht Amsterdam 2017
  • part of Grazone Festival 2018

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