Golden Hour Forever is a light installation that uses a wood panel covered in copper leaf (extending my experiments with this material, which began with Future Affair) and a personalised lamp with photographic filters to re-create the colours of the sun during sunset and sunrise. Over the course of one hour, the lighting turns from warm golden shades to intense red: an aesthetic tracking of time. The panel captures and refracts the light, creating the illusion of a burning orb floating like a celestial body in space.

The artist's continued experimentation with copper material opens multivalent resonances. First, it hearkens back to the inchoate and formative stages of electricity (copper being used in wires); secondly, it is a rich aesthetic material: its properties catch the light and beam it in suffused resplendence; and thirdly, copper has non-Western echoes of mysticism: often believed to contain healing powers and a wide array of vibrational frequencies, claimed to provide harmonic connections between the physical and spiritual realms. Golden Hour Forever augments the ephemerality and cyclicality of a sunset, transmuting it into a tangible reflection on the technological and aesthetic dimensions of even the most primal human experiences.

Light Installation
Wood panel with copper leaf, lamp, plexiglass disc with filters, Arduino, servomotor
panel: 80 cm diameter x 9 mm thick, lamp: 8 x 12 x 8 cm + disc: 19 cm diameter

  • Programming: Patricia Nagtzaam
  • Tech Assistance Amy den Dekker

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