The performance “Letter, letter... come get it” establishes a relationship between people and inspires them to communicate by writing. The character “The Oracle” returns, this time, standing at a table with two wooden postboxes.
In one box the artist places letters with questions to the visitors, and in the other box the visitors are required to return the letters with the answers. The performance begins with establishing eye contact with people in the audience and inviting them at her table. The Oracle knows everything about the exhibition and wants to trigger an honest and deep conversation about the artworks on display. The slow medium of writing is old fashioned but it gives a personal approach and guarantees the guests personal attention.
Another box is collecting addresses of people that did not manage to participate in the performance, but would like to be part of the project.

Wodden boxes, letters, paper, pens

Neurotitan Gallery Berlin
Photo by Marie de Bruyn

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