The starting point for ‘Skymap ‘18’ was the plan of the stars Philip Lea made in 1686. The artist got intrigued by medieval and renaissance cartographers and their interpretations of the heavenly skies: they showed accurate astrological positions of the stars, but gave as much importance to mythological symbols and Zodiac signs. In ‘Skymap ‘18’ she brought back this phenomenon and revived lost mythological creatures and their stories. The work covers one of the windows of the director's office at WOW Amsterdam, letting sunlight in filtered through the holes while at night shining the light from inside to the outside world.

Vinyl, Plexiglas, wooden frame, sunlight
2 windows 60 x 120 cm, 1 window 30 x 60 cm

WOW Amsterdam
Photo by Laura A Dima
  • permanent work, commisioned by WOW Amsterdam

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